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Welcome to TOSHIBA e-BRIDGE Re-Rite 8.4

e-BRIDGE Re-Rite is an easy-to-use software application that allows users to convert paper documents into editable file formats. Conversion is achieved on the fly with file distribution to shared network folder, Email address, or both. For ease-of-use e-BRIDGE Re-Rite 8 is now web-based allowing administration via web browser where ever you are.

Now with Version 8.4, use and adminsitration is made even easier through its convenient web-based access.

e-BRIDGE Re-Rite 8.4


  • Despeckle
  • Deskew
  • Remove Colour
  • Remove distortion
  • Low resolution compensation
  • Optimised for edit
  • Optimised for layout
Metascan graphic model

Download the latest e-BRIDGE Re-Rite 8.4 brochure in PDF format (1.4MB)

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Taking RE-RITE® to the next level, the Metascan option allows users to add a set of keywords to help classify and identify each document scanned.
Rather than routing scanned files to a single folder, Metascan actually uses your keywords to define the folder structure on your network, making it easy to search for any scanned file.
Now you can create your own digital library easily with converted documents neatly archived for you to quickly search and access.

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e-BRIDGE Re-Rite™ performs automatic document scanning, optical character recognition, format conversion and document routing to complete workfl ows with a touch of a single button from your e-STUDIO MFP control panel.




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